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Choose your best moment in place that you expect, embody togetherness in the unforgettable proximity, find the experience of your first day in a beautiful place, and feel the experience that you will always keep. Here we realize the dream of every place that you want, and we have prepared it in the shape of the room, each room has full amenities with distinctive design touches and unique interior with qualified materials. In every moment, wide selection of food menus are available in form of individual and buffet, served at competitive rates while maintaining its quality and services that we provide.

Offers typical traditional context with choices of locations for pre-wedding travels around Paiton, reinforcing the concept of marriage expectation to create pre-wedding work of art photos that will fit your needs.

In addition to the needs for holiday and convenient arrangement Wisata Paiton also provide business package that caters for business purposes or official purposes, with various facilities, meeting rooms, cottages, and the buffet food menu, which is ready to be served with choices of specialties archipelago menus.

Holiday is a very valuable moment because it cannot be done every time, choosing a suitable place of hope becomes one of the requirements to enjoy that precious moment and to provide different experience.

To enjoy a very special day, honeymoon packages provide distinguished experience, as of bed, color, and atmosphere that renders up soft impression, comfort, and familiarity.

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